Pollinator Garden Collection


The Pollinator Garden Collection includes some of our favorite cut flower varieties for attracting pollinators and beneficial insects to the vegetable garden. Includes cosmos, zinnia, ageratum, celosia, marigold, and sunflower.


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Collinator Garden Collection是改善您蔬菜花园生产和整体健康的好方法。吸引粉碎机以改善蔬菜收获,并吸引有益昆虫以减少有害的昆虫,并保持植物健康。Collinator Garden Collection包括我们最喜欢的七种各种切割花朵到植物园的植物。当我们的移植过程中,这些品种表现得很好重型种子起始托盘, but may also be direct seeded into the garden. Many of the varieties in the collection, including the zinnias, can be cut and harvested several times throughout the warm-growing season. These varieties are heat tolerant and will grow until the first frost date in fall.

Pollinator Garden Collection Includes:

Cosmos Sensation Mix– A brightly-colored blend of cut-flowers with strong stems and consistent blooms throughout the warm months. Includes pink, white, and red blooms. Great for attracting birds, bees, and butterflies.

Amarillo Gold Rudbeckia.– 2020 AAS winner that boasts large golden blooms. Its short stems make it a great candidate for cut flowers and a great pollinator.

Marigold Sparky Mix– A French marigold mix with yellow, orange and red blooms. A cool-weather flower that naturally repels pests and attracts pollinators.

Sungold Dwarf Sunflower- 双绽放品种,植物达到2-3'高。天鹅绒般的,郁郁葱葱的头与花瓣覆盖整个花脸。适合容器或凸起的床。

学士纽扣圆点混合-A blend of red, rose, blue, white and lavender flowers. Easy to grow transplants from seed. Hardy plants with prolific flowering.

矮人百日菊酯混合– A rainbow blend of miniature zinnias that grow to 4-6″ tall. Great for planting in containers, raised beds, or borders around the in-ground vegetable garden. Pink, purple, red, orange, white, and yellow blooms.

Chocolate Cherry Sunflower– A branching sunflower variety that produces rich, dark, beautiful blooms with tones of burgundy and chocolate. Plants grow to 6-7′ tall and bloom for 4 weeks — a great border plant for a vegetable garden.



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